We have one common goal, increased result and WINNING

We are curious, innovative and agile

We know that innovative and strong companies & brands that are relevant make a difference. A huge difference. To create attractive products in combination with a curious and driven organisation can move mountains. In order to succeed companies are required to be good at prioritization, quickly adjust and both create and define their offers very well. We can support development of these practices.

Successful, work, solutions and result

Fredrik has worked in several successful organisations and fashion companies. For more than 10 years he worked for a World leader and global organisation with over 50 markets where Fredrik has encountered many hard, creative and figurative challenges in different senior key roles. Fredrik brings well documented experience, knowledge and successful ways to operate within Sales, Product Development, Sourcing, Supply Chain and Management. Last but not the least a Global understanding and operational experience in a multitude of countries.

A passion for entrepreneurship

Fredrik comes from an entrepreneurial family in Sweden where he has developed a passionate interest and understanding for doing global business and fashion. Simplicity and creativity are the essence of his work.

To Us, You are Unique

We evaluate each customer’s unique situation. At our complimentary initial meeting we discuss your challenges and business needs. A formulated proposal will follow, outlining the necessary steps to achieve your desired results.

FNJ Cre8ive offers consultation that provides a defined assignment and tactics to achieve a strong ROI on your investment. All discussions partaken are confidential with every client.

Companies that turn to us want to improve, grow stronger and better…